Bridging the Worlds


I was speaking to a friend about ‘modern society’ and the lives we shape for ourselves today. We can all agree it is exponentially different than the lives of old, the lives in our history and the societies our ancestors suffered. One thing I’m finding in common with all my friends and colleagues is that we wish to reach back into that history, to live a more simple and fulfilling life. When good and evil were easy as day and night and the will to live was tested daily, and the glory to die for what we believe in was always near.

My story reaches back into that time where I feel most connected and comfortable. All I do is imagine myself standing there in this world, in that time, with these amazing, strong, unpredictable people in their untamed realms of men, and I record what they do and what they say just like a journalist covering an event in history. I am fascinated by their choices and their relationships and how they choose everyday to be good or evil. Some of them are lost in the grey between, others are righteously fighting for the side of good. Others are fallen and dark-spirited, but all of them are clearly drawn. I don’t seek to manipulate or influence their story, nor do I draw many conclusions. I allow the characters the freedom to do that for themselves.

My story could be about anything in any time, just pick my characters out and plop them down in an old western or in a comedy, for all I care, and they will still be who they are, changed by their circumstance but always true to themselves. I chose this time and this legendary ‘medieval’ setting to push them to the brink of death and war and devastation to bring out their inner survivors. Pressed by the desperation and magic of these ancient times one is truly shaped by the happenings around them. Their choices within these happenings shape them further, making them nothing like us in modernity at all, and yet, still completely real and accessible to what is inherent to our eternal, connected souls.

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