A Letter to my Soul Mate


If ever we are to know love the way Eamin the Majae and Madros Strongblood know it, we would be locked in an endless battle for the other, the victory a mere fleeting moment of you on my lips. If ever we are to know love like they do, we would know great pain in that very instant and it would tame us like a child learning the heat of a flame, to not love so fiercely that we lose ourselves. If ever we know love like they do, we would be bound forever by an unbreakable force so complete it fills our lungs with concrete, crushing our weakened hearts with each desperate breath, with each syllable in the phrase, ‘I love you’.

They say you do not incarnate with your soul mate, that you leave them behind at Home where we return after each life. They say that your soul mate guides you from the otherworld to your highest understanding and that they help you to learn what lessons you came to master. I think that is true. For in the case of the love story within the fabric of my story, the two soul mates Eamin and Madros incarnated together can do nothing but yearn for each other, while both in the flesh. They ignore their duty, their purpose, their life lessons just to be together. Great turmoil is caused in their quest to find each other and great evil is done in the name of love. Of course when we are young and stupid, we all feel this way about someone, however with time we learn to weather it, and love others more appropriately. That’s not to say the partner you choose for your current life is not your match, or your true love, or your spiritual compliment. Of course they are, and they are kindred souls with you. Just as important, just as special, just as much a part of you as your soul mate is. Like our dear Findathuil and Eamin. You need kindred souls to incarnate with you to share the journey of life with, to find joy with, to feel love with.

I will say to my soul mate, somewhere out in the ether of the universe, or as I like to joke, somewhere drunk in a bar in Singapore (if you ended up coming here after all!) I have to remind myself that we chose this. I made a decision to come here, there must have been something I lost, like my keys and I swear I left them right here…. no, seriously. Back I came, and there are lessons to learn while I’ve done so. But, at times I think that was a very foolish decision and why would I choose to be split in half and tossed to the wolves? Perhaps it was to share this story, which in some ways is our story, perhaps in all ways it is and I am channeling you. Maybe that is the lesson, to learn to live without you, as Eamin and Madros must do until their lives end and they return Home.

In this series of books you will see how Madros’ soul mate incarnated within his lifetime, an event not set forth by the universe, but by the all powerful Lady Atya of the Majae, Eamin’s mother. She knew that no other person with his great power and wealth would love her daughter in her lifetime, and no greater oath could bind two people so completely. Atya manipulated their lives, robbing Madros of his untimely death and killing off the immortal woman Eamin was. All to be sure she would be reborn and then aged to adulthood by a powerful spell, just to be matched again, in the flesh with her soul mate. Seemingly brilliant, irresponsibly rash and recklessly set in motion to control the fate of the world.

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