Fun fact? Or destiny?


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I was named after Carson McCullers. My mother adored the timeless expression of abject sorrow that Carson created in her characters in ‘The Heart is a Lonely Hunter’. I grew up hearing quotes about it, being told bits and pieces of the story and watching my mother get so much joy from other books as well. Was this something that pre-destined me to be an author? Was it that she sent me to Bennington College so intent on making me achieve my full creative potential?

Could it just be fate? And by fate I mean, the universe already knowing I would be an author, so it left its little stamp on me by giving this love of reading to my mother? So one day she would love this novel, this one author so much that she would name her precious baby girl in tribute? My middle name is Carson and so it became the most important name for my authorship and my tribute to a great American novelist, who I can only dream to be as good a storyteller.

For the record, my grandmother’s name was Rose and it is also my mother’s middle name. So there are three incredible women credited with my authorship and pen name, which would not exist without each of their very important contributions.

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