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Folks, I give you HP Lovecraft. It is a known fact that my inspiration has always been JRR Tolkien, who introduced me to characters so well written and developed, that they became real to me. And so, the journey began, to make the characters in my mind real as well.

That said, it was HP Lovecraft that truly took the art of writing to a level rarely seen in anyone else’s work, that absolutely fascinated me. While Tolkien was imaginative and wholesome in his struggle between good and evil, Lovecraft was so truthful it was painful, horrifying, haunting, and disturbing to a point where I would find myself clutching the book, wide eyed, heart pounding, experiencing this abhorrent disgusting thing that he described with such finesse and detail, AND YET, with plenty of room for my own mind to run WILD with fear as it concocted it’s own terrifying image of whatever the hell he was describing! Invigorating, entertaining, scary to the point where I would slam the book closed and toss it away.

And so my own writing pales in comparison to both of these geniuses, but everyday I strive for it. As Book 1 begins it’s slow crawl out into the world beyond the safety of my embrace, I ponder just how will I top it? How will I get better as a writer to give my characters the author they deserve. The story is bigger than me, it has no business staying with me, it wants to be out there with others, attracting more people who may understand its message and get something profound from its pages. The answer; I must continue to read these greats, absorb more of their style and talent and regurgitate it in my own twisted mix of their best skill.

Invigorating, exciting, life changing!

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