The Most Exciting Time of My Life



In 7th grade I began to rewrite Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I had thunk up a new character that I felt the story needed. ME. I longed so deeply to be in that world with those amazing people in those desperate, dark times to do what I could to help. To spread love and light.

But I was born to this world, perhaps for the same reason. And the character I once forced into Tolkien’s world began to demand a world of her own. One where she could set the rules and shape the story to her liking. And that’s true for life, isn’t it? Isn’t this our story that we write everyday? And when you think of it that way it certainly opens the possibilities and helps you to think objectively. Well, if the story sucks, you have to add events, drama, conflict and sort it out over a period of growth and self-realization. A character arch for your life. For your storyline. Isn’t that something to think about?

Anyway, my character became a representation of my highest self. My greatest good. My perfect soul. And she expanded out and into other’s lives in her story and became part of them as well. And others expanded, touched by her show of love and compassion for even the most troubled souls, and they too expanded and became bright lights of their own. The story became a tale, the tale stretched out into a book, and now 23 years laters later, a series of six books (if I can get away cheap!) And this Friday is my first book signing, my first book discussion and event and I am curious how this insanity will be received.

This should be the most exciting time of my life. But I am terrified. I am broken hearted at the direction of our country and our world. We’re more divided now than ever but isn’t that how it goes? We must descend further to the deepest depths, hit rock bottom as they say, to turn around and begin the slow journey upwards.

My book does that. My life does that. Our lives do that. We are all one after all, anyway. I think of us as the ‘god pizza’ each a slice of the greater soul at our head, each empowered to do the work mankind has always expected a ‘GOD’ to do. It is us. We are God. We are have the power to overcome, change and grow. We are miracle workers and profound healers, just look around you. That light is within you so embrace it. You are god. I am god. And there’s no use in dying for it because we are here to live amongst each other. To experience love. To grow our understanding.

This is the most exciting time of my life because it is a time of change. How lucky we are to be here for it, no matter how bad it may seem. Gandalf once said ‘All you can do is decide what to do with the time that is given to you’ and he was very very right. Decide to be part of the growth.

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