The New American Normal?



Is this how we should accept to live?

More bombs and a terrorist manhunt.

I’m a Bernie or Buster, all the way. I do not and will not support Hillary Clinton. I am disappointed in Obama who told me…. ‘Yes we can’ and I believed him. I cried tears of joy when he was elected and inaugurated. It was a proud moment for this country, today, my heart is broken, again, for my country.

8 years later it is more important to be politically correct and socially careful than to state truth and facts. You know the facts, you hear them, you read them and you either accept them or you deny their legitimacy. It is true though, we are at war. Extremists and radicals have very proudly stated that they hate us. They burn our flag. Our FLAG. Our star spangled banner that stands for our very freedom. We need to fight back, we need to face the truth. We need to protect Americans, ALL Americans, our Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and Atheist brothers and sisters alike. People who believe in and contribute to our dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We need a wall.

Hillary wants to let 100,000 more refugees in. She thinks it’s fine to flood our cities with undocumented, unchecked immigrants. We have always helped (when profitable) in the past, so why be racist and close our borders now? Because America needs help. Americans need our leaders to make us strong again. 80% of Americans live at, near or below the poverty line. 80%. Chances are someone you know, who may be reading this, knows that all too well. We need to to take care of our family first before we break our precious bread and hand it to another. Would you take food from your children, to let them starve, and hand it off to a stranger’s? Sounds beautiful, utopian and selfless. But we are not in Utopia.

September 2016. 4 bombs and a stabbing in Minnesota. American lives impacted, lost, changed forever. That wall sounds really good right now to New York and New Jersey too. When an act of terror happens to your city, to your friends and family, you want to protect them, vehemently, so it never happens again. Once you’re safe and your constitutional rights are protected, you can tell me how racist I am for flipping to Trump today. Once you’re safe behind his wall with our fellow Americans of all races and backgrounds, free to think and do what you want because THAT’s the American way. Once you’re safe, you can call me a racist for believing Americans come first. Black ones, white ones, brown ones, yellow ones and red ones, they are my people. We are one united soul. But we need to protect our own family before others, and before we ‘name call’ into oblivion.

They have declared war on us. They hate us. They burn our flag. Our beautiful national symbol of our very freedom. It’s not a perfect country, but it’s our country. And I want it safe. My husband, my mother, my brother, my nephew and nieces, my cousins, my family, I want them safe.

I want a wall. And I am perfectly comfortable with you thinking I am racist for it.

-J Carson Rose

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