Comic Con



Yeh, that’s me. That’s my book, more importantly. And that was New York Comic Con.

I never in my life realized how important it would be to meet my fans face to face. Well, I can’t say fans unless I say instant fans. They had no idea who I was, what my book was, or what the heck it was about… but they were drawn in by larger than life black and white pencil drawings by my friend Emily. They walked right up, stepped right into the Grey Woods and said…. what’s this about?

To which I replied a hardly practiced explanation that was perfected over time. After saying it 300+ times, I think I can say it now with ease. Shall I?

The Grey Woods, a place where you can access all of time. All of history. Anyone that’s ever lived, any event that’s ever happened, can all be accessed there.

That seemed to be enough. I would pause and assess the look on my new fan’s face. Interested? Yes. Eager to hear more? Yes. And on I went about Atya infiltrating the Grey Woods to influence her own future, drawing unsuspecting Fin there, seemingly to help him but alas, her own agenda was in play. The story hinged on Fin’s cousin Madros, the ‘Jim Morrison’ of the fantasy world. Good looking, artistic, talented, loved and tragically self defeating. It is he who holds the future in his hands. It is his choices that will bring us to darkness or to the light. And Fin is scrambling to understand why Madros is such a complete mess!

Sounds interesting to me.

Atya helps Fin understand Madros’ behavior by showing him past events that seem to explain his present choices. Ah ha! Walking in someone else’s shoes. Gaining empathy as well as understanding. Knowing WHY someone is the way they are. We never get to do that!

So, that was my pitch and it seemed to have a very positive effect. Half of the people asked…. how much is it? I was delighted. But more than money I wanted the book in their hands so I raffled off a bunch  and one person a day walked away with a hardcover.

I was meeting incredible people. Creative-types. People out of their minds crazy like me and weird and introverted and it was beautiful lol and I loved it! Some were dressed up as their favorite characters from stories, movies and TV shows and some were in plain clothes, just eager to find the next adventure to lose themselves in. But I loved everyone I met. They were all amazing and I truly wish them all the best in their creative endeavors. And I truly hope they love my story.

Thank you, Comic Con geeks, for being my instant fans and I hope you stay part of my Grey Woods family. Cause that’s what we are now. I consider you friends and family and I hope to see you again at the next incredible event. Cause I found out you were just like me and I am like you, and there’s nothing more liberating than finding people you belong with.

Thank you.

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