I stand with Standing Rock #NoDAPL



I saw a brilliant message on one of the protestor’s signs… You can’t drink oil.

All of my life I’ve always had a deep seeded feeling that we have to conserve the water. I don’t know where this feeling originates, in my ancient soul, in my human heart or in my practical mind, but it has always been evident, that water is life.

There is a revolution going on in this country that the media has all but blacked out. A revolution for, not our country, but for our mother earth. Someone must stand up for her.

Fracking, drilling, deforestation, what do you think the end the result will be? Of course our land and water will continue to be poisoned, of course our politicians continue the destruction to make millions for their billionaire friends. Of course they don’t care about us. It’s as if they are not even part of our planet, cause what living creature could destroy the place they live?

Standing Rock has an opportunity to join all Americans, native or immigrant, black, brown or white, christian, atheist or muslim, all of us together to stand for OUR collective earth. This is our home, we can fight about our differences later, but this is a fate we all share, and we must be vigilant.

I’ve decided to collect supplies and get them out to Standing Rock in the coming weeks. I am also going to donate the entire profit I get on each paperback sale, which is $9.67 when purchased through my publisher, to Standing Rock’s cause and ongoing support. (Truthfully, I will donate an even $10) To participate use this link: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/thegreywoods

This is our fight, our revolution, our earth. You don’t care until it’s your water. North Dakota sounds so FAR AWAY to a New Yorker like me, but mark my words, it is coming this way. Water is life. You can’t drink oil.

We must stand with Standing Rock.

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