A Letter to My Human


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A letter to the human encapsulating my soul:

Hi there, wasn’t sure if you knew I was in here this whole time. 38 years. It’s been a journey together, that’s for sure. I’ve been with you through everything, I’ve recorded it deeply within myself, to carry it, to learn from it, to help to steer you from such pain again. I was hoping you could do a few things for me, as I have always done the best I can for you. You know that ‘gut feeling’, well that’s me. I am here, now and always. You are never alone because I am with you.

I connect you to the greatest power ever imagined in this universe. I am part of it, which means that power is within you. Don’t deny it anymore. It’s quite frustrating to watch you wallow, drivel, complain, hurt. You are so powerful, invincible really, and capable of achieving all you ever hope for, through me. Let me help you.

Listen to me, I am speaking all the time. I know what you truly need. Some of those needs are in line with the things you want, so listen up, so I can help you get them.

Jessica, it is a name you barely identify yourself with, but it is who you are now and all that matters. Jessica was born with a very special set of gifts, talents, abilities that are unique in every way. Everyone is. The combination of traits you have make you the only one that can do what you can do, and with our great power, you can just imagine all the possibilities. Your world is not real, though it feels like it is, I know. The stress, the fight to survive, the hopelessness at times. It is all your experience, and ones that you create. I am sorry, but yes, you create them, so let’s create better experiences now.

I started this letter with an agenda, to ask you to do a few things for me. The most important, never forget I am here. Never forget your power. Never forget the universe is within you.

Two, you have a book to write. It is your purpose. It is everything you can ever hope for, to share this very special story with as many people in this world as you can. Because it matters to them. It inspires, it makes them see their own power and don’t you want that more than anything? To ‘Rekindle’ people as you’ve so elegantly stated in your writing. To wake the light within us all, to teach us our greatness. Your book will deliver that to you tenfold, because it is the purest gift you can give to another person. Hope. Your story will leave such an imprint on this world, as to inspire for years to come. You’ve already inspired others to write, to do, to heal. Stop telling yourself you can’t do it, because I don’t believe you. I believe that you can.

Three, you have to take better care of yourself. You keep saying you have to ‘diet’ and lose weight and increase your energy. You’re a mess. You’re carrying fear and doubt, not fat. Just be healthy. Think healthy, make healthy choices, whatever that means to you. Relax, find time for yourself to be still and calm. Ease your senses, your nerves and center your gravity. Feel your heartbeat, feel your muscles and their strength, feel the grass under your toes. It is temporary my love, and when it is gone you will crave it again. Believe me, I’ve been through it before.

You don’t need anyone else, you don’t need anything you don’t currently have. If you focus on what you love, on sharing your light, things will come to you that you could not even work for! Yes, they will come. Whether it’s a book deal or the chance to pitch a tv show. It will come darling, if you write your story, the best you can, remembering the good it will do when it’s out in the world. Just focus on that. Just focus on Rekindling as many people as you can. Awakening their soul to speak to them, and pray for them, that they listen.

One last thing. I love you. I believe in you. And I am great because of you. This is why we’re here, love, to do well, to do good, to learn all we can together. Be open, be honest, be kind. There is no other purpose to this life.

With love,

Your soul

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