About the Author



There is nothing more interesting about me than what I write. I am a simple person.  I eat, breathe and sleep. Oh and I also write, constantly.

I attended Bennington College and graduated in ’02 with a degree in photography and playwriting. I migrated to screenwriting and then soon realized in order to fill out the richness of this world I’ve created, my story deserves to be a novel! And so I’ve been pursuing this medium, building my craft and becoming the writer my characters deserve.

12 years ago I started creating this story. Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and the myths and legends of old. The Greeks and Romans, the Egyptians and the Persians, the Blessed Isles comprised of England, Ireland and Scotland. These are the historical influences, coupled with my realization that something of such epic proportion can be done, a world can be created. Language, history, religion, cultures, all can be fabricated from my own inner world that would otherwise never see the light of day. It can be done and it has been done many times by many writers before me. Some have been published, acclaimed, awarded and their stories made into television series’ and blockbuster movies. Some stories have remained inside its creator, never to be shared, and what a shame that would be for me. To die with this story untold. My hope is that my work will grow and be shared and continue to influence people. But if just one person reads this, and takes away something positive of course, I would be justified in this great undertaking.

I am often in the mood to escape, maybe to some surreal landscape in a time long past into legend. That’s how I feel when I write, that I am channeling some extraordinary events that happened to very ordinary men and women. Or is it the opposite? Were these people extraordinary in very ordinary times. War, betrayal, love, loss. All these things we can identify with, however, the honor and bravery of those who have faced the dark days of global change is eroded away with the waves of time. Our heroes are forgotten and in some cases are never even known. No longer. Not only will you meet your heroes of days past but you will see how very human and ordinary they are, beautiful in their flaws as each one of us is. Uniquely imperfect. There’s a theory that a hero is an extraordinary person so much better than we are in every way. But that isn’t true, a hero is simply one of us who decided to do something different, despite their fear and feelings of inadequacy, the hero decides to take action any way they can and they do their best. They hardly believe they will succeed, but they try, giving their lives to save just one person if they can. And they end up saving many, and those people save them right back.

Thoughts are free! Share them!

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