The Grey Woods



The Grey Woods is a series of Fantasy Fiction novels. Set in a time before our recorded history, when our historians will tell you we lived in caves, there were far more advanced civilizations and cultures than you could ever imagine, right here on our blessed earth. These novels draw from that ancient and magical time, fictionalizing who may have been here, giving rise to our present day cultures, belief systems and religions.

The Calleadrah (Cali-ay-druh) is a mystical book, a history of the entire world and all of time, ever writing itself as events pass. The back page of the Calleadrah is always blank no matter what is written, to symbolize the future to come. One has never witnessed the writing, it happens when the book is closed and put away. Suddenly new pages are added but the last page is always blank.

What is interesting about the Calleadrah is that it is different for everyone. Whoever is lucky enough to possess this magical book will read only what is relevant to them, the history that feeds the life they are living now. It influences each person to their highest good and to their eternal soul’s righteous path. Translated into English ‘Calleadrah’ means the ‘History of Truth’.

The white owl symbolizes the character at the backbone of this entire story. Lady Atya of the Majae, one blessed with the sight of all history from its very beginning to its fiery end. She uses this knowledge or ‘the wisdom of the owls’ to influence mankind for her purposes. But is she telling you the Truth? Her intentions are sometimes interpreted as evil, and sometimes as good. It will be up to you to decide, how to use the knowledge of your fate.

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