The Characters



Who are all these people? If you look at it first, of course it will be overwhelming. We aren’t dealing with all of these people now anyway, but it’s good to see how people are connected and the characters that will be of importance later. And this is only the Strongblood dynasty with two references at the bottom to Everd’s line and Artano’s line. And a couple of spoilers lol.

To summarize Chapter 1 Characters: (and help with pronunciations)

Findathúil Goldvale – (Finn-doth-will) or Fin, the Narrator. Tall, lean, golden haired, blue-eyed and boyishly handsome, Fin is a Sagittarius ladies, and he enjoys a little adventure, though he is quiet and shy until he gets comfortable.

Eamìn – (Aya-meen) the Majae (like Magi) Queen of Ardhailia, immortal, crow-winged (when she shows them), ageless and beautiful. The most compassionate and gentle soul you will ever meet. Eamin shares the classic black curly hair and green eyes of the Majae.

Madros – (May-dros, rhymes with dose) Fin’s cousin, Lord of Catharas, former king. Our troubled rock star, the ruggedly handsome Jim Morrison of the fantasy world. He’s a Cancer, so he’s extremely moody but can be wonderfully romantic and passionate when his heart is in it. However his turbulent past has darkened his heart and there are more demons within him to face, then all the demons roaming Caladra.

Atya – (Ott-ti-yah) Lady of the Majae and mother of Eamin. She is the backbone who draws Fin from the present story into Madros’ past, showing us the past events that have lead to the current circumstances. It is her agenda to use Eamin as the divine weapon to destroy the Lord of the Dream Realm.

Maddox – (Mad-dux, like the A in apple) Madros’ younger brother. Maddox is the one that worries. He always does the right thing and err’s on the side of caution. He is generous, honest and always trying to find a peaceful resolution.

Gareth – King of Ardhailia, cousin to Fin and Madros. Gareth is full of jealousy and rage, angry the power of Caladra wasn’t passed to him. He was twice skipped for the crown and now lives under the protection of his elder cousin Madros who he envies more than anyone. He was appointed as caretaker to Eamin the Majae, however in his twisted game of control with Madros, he forced Eamin to marry him and be his Queen.

Alene – (Ay-leen) Madros’ Nulindi mistress in Catharas. Alene was an orphan and Madros rescued her from the streets of Catharas. No wonder the young girl fell helplessly in love with him. She would do anything the man asked her to and more. Selfless, yet foolish.

Reed – Captain of the Guard in Catharas and Madros’ most trusted Lord and friend. Loyal to a fault, Madros’ wish is Reed’s command.

Déolen Strongblood – (Day-O-Lin) Madros’ father, the tyrant, deceased. The bringer of wars, the one who woke the darkness in the depths of the Dream Realm and brought about the Second Wars with Doru. All he cared for was power, wealth and control.

Dorú – Lord of the Dream Realm, the Fallen Master spirit and Keeper of Dreams. He is the darkness in the world that hunts Eamin the Majae for her great power. It is her fate to defeat him and his to bring her over to his side.

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