The Races



There are 4 main races I deal with in the series, however there are many others, though they will not play a major role in the first book.

The Lindi people. The Lindi are the backbone of the story, dark haired grey eyed warriors known for their fierce competitive nature and physical prowess. Lord Madros has abdicated the Lindi throne despite his lineage through his grandfather Mateo and no other has been crowned. The Strongbloods (their surname) have dominated the rule of Caladra and of distant Ardion for years. Madros’ father Deolen was crowned after the death of Mateo and he ‘elevated’ his Lindi over the other races who had once lived in peace. But he saw his people as superior and ignited a civil war between the Lindi and Nulindi.

The Nulindi people. The Nulindi are the wise and gentle race of musicians, philosophers and artists plunged into Deolen’s war and persecuted for their ‘laziness’ and ‘stalled evolution’ adding nothing useful to the Lindi people who ‘carried their weight’. However the Nulindi are strong of heart, with white-golden manes like lions and eyes like crystal blue water. They are careful, always seeking a peaceful resolution and having the courage to maintain that position. Fin is half Nulindi on his father’s side and half Lindi on his mother’s, who was the only daughter of King Mateo. The word Nulindi is actually derogatory, labeling them as ‘not Lindi’ and their true race is known as the Dre’ahm (dray-um).

The Warriors of Jaro. A race of black-skinned warriors deep in the mountains in the western highlands, emigrated from far to the east thousands of years before. The Warriors of Jaro are the fiercest warriors in the known world and their Captain Odo helps to train Madros in the backstory thread.

The Dorgi people. (pronounced dor-jee) Where do I begin. The photo above depicts Paden, the first Dorgi we will encounter in the series and a major character in the whole story. The Dorgi were once known as the ‘early men’ who lived on the earth primitively and had peace throughout their neighboring tribes. However, one of the three Master Spirits was seduced by the young earth and her beauty. Doru, Lord of the Dream Realm incarnated to possess the world and her gifts. He captured the early men and created other monstrous races with them, mixing them with breeds of mountain lions, amphibians and bats. The Father God Reul Ilil (Ray-ool ill-leel) saw how the early men suffered and sent his powerful Majae to help them. In the battle against Doru, the Majae were outnumbered and so they chose to pass their great power to the early men, changing their bodies, minds and souls and bringing them to their higher selves, fully enlightened beings possessing fantastic gifts of magic. This is known as the ‘Great Rekindling’ and they became the Dorgi, and deadly in the fight against the darkness. The Dorgi have black pin straight hair, white skin and eyes so filled with ‘Light’ they appear white or very light blue. Most of the men are covered in tattoos, enhancing the chakras throughout the body and deepening their power. Paden is the last of their kind with his magic fully intact and was Rekindled by Atya.

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